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March 15th, 2018 | Posted in Business

Innovative Career Assessment Program Offers New Opportunities for Jobseekers and Businesses at No Cost

Oklahoma City, OK,  March 22, 2018 – If you’re seeking work or looking for employees in Central Oklahoma, your search just got a little bit easier thanks to a new partnership between FitFirstJobs and the Central Oklahoma Workforce Innovation Board (COWIB). Employers, job seekers, and students are now eligible to access the FitFirstJobs / eSkills workforce development program at no charge, exclusively through Oklahoma Works Offices in the COWIB service area.

The Board is an integral part of the Oklahoma Works system, a public/private partnership of business representatives, community-based organizations, labor unions, educational institutions and public agencies involved in delivering quality workforce development services, while increasing effectiveness and reducing duplication.

COWIB’S FitFirstJobs

COWIB’S FitFirstJobs ( is the only workforce development system that uses science to match people with opportunities based on the characteristic which matters most: job fit. In addition, the innovative program features integrated skills tests provided by eSkill, so employers can test prospective candidates for the required competency based skills. Where skills gaps are identified through the testing process, COWIB can assist the job-seeker with the necessary training, and help businesses ensure they are getting the skill sets they need from the applicant pool.

Christine Jolly, Human Resources Director for the City of Moore, shares “The City of Moore has been using FitFirstJobs Workforce Development for several years for pre-employment assessment of applicants for many of our full-time vacancies.  We appreciate the customizable assessments because we have such a diversity of positions, everything from maintenance employees to administrative support to management.  It’s fast and easy to find the right assessment and make it available to our applicants, which helps reduce our time between recruitment and interviewing.  At the interview, we already know how well an applicant will fit with the job and that allows us to focus on the additional knowledge, skills and abilities they possess in order to become a successful member of the City of Moore team.”

Tom Summar, Project Director for Dynamic Workforce Solutions, LLC, agrees, adding “I have found value in utilizing FitFirstJobs in my job search needs.  It has allowed me to set up parameters for what would be the best ‘fit’ for the positions within my company and the assessment results have been a key factor in my successful hiring decisions.”

How does FitFirstJobs work?

The platform supports Oklahoma employers with cutting-edge behavioral science to help predict the likely compatibility of people in roles with extraordinary accuracy. It compares an individual’s scores across 25 traits and behaviors, plus their problem solving and reasoning abilities, to those of people who have been successful in roles similar to which they are applying or being considered. From a database of thousands of pre-screened applicants, candidates are matched to a company’s open position on the basis of job fit first, followed by knowledge, skills, and experience. Custom interview guides are even generated for each candidate, to ensure the employer asks the right questions to make the best choice. The program exceeds all DOL guidelines, is fully EEOC and Title VII compliant, and is diversity and disability neutral.

According to Eddie Foreman, CEO, Central Oklahoma Workforce Innovation Board,

Our FitFirstJobs platform offers an applicant tracking system and a host other features for our business community, job candidates, economic developers, career counselors, educators and parents. The FitFirstJobs assessment and system is phenomenal.

Job seekers will appreciate not only the eSkills testing offered, but also the full suite of job search and career planning tools Fit First Jobs provides. The program guides them step by step to build a full personal profile online, list credentials, skills and experience, and identify and apply for positions that are the best likely fit. It’s even mobile friendly, allowing them to search and apply for jobs anywhere, at any time.

COWIB offers FitFirstJobs and eSkills at no cost!

The FitFirstJobs and eSkill programs are available at no cost to businesses and job seekers in Oklahoma, Cleveland, Logan, Canadian, Potawatomie, Seminole, Hughes, Lincoln, and Okfuskee counties. To learn more, call or drop by your local Oklahoma Works office or visit online.

Consider this”, Mr. Foreman adds, “Not using pre-employment tests as part of an employer’s applicant screening process is a poor business practice. Besides wasting time, resources and extracting a high cost, employee terminations caused by poor performance, poor team fit, and poor cultural fit often end up in a lawyer’s office. Using the pre-employment assessment reduces these risks and improves a company’s hiring process.”

For more information

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