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April 11th, 2018 | Posted in COWIB

COWIB and 22 Partner Agencies Agree to Share Costs

The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) is designed to bring together, in strategic coordination, many different programs of Federal investment in skill development and employment. In February of this year, an important coordination objective of WIOA was achieved when an Infrastructure Funding Agreement was signed by the Central Oklahoma Workforce Innovation Board (COWIB) and 22 of its partner agencies.

The Agreement, known informally as an “IFA,” identifies certain costs that are shared by the partner agencies. Under the agreement, the partner programs agree to allocate approximately $400,000 of shared costs in a fair and proportionate manner.

IFA Covers Non-Personnel Costs

Infrastructure costs include non-personnel costs that are necessary to support the operating budget of the Oklahoma Works centers in the COWIB’s 9-county region. Under the agreement, the partners agree to pay an allocated share of costs such as utilities, communications, and rent. By pooling their resources in this way, the partners aim to expand public access to their program services.

IFA 2017-18_signed

IFA is an Annual Agreement

Under the WIOA law, COWIB and its partner agencies will re-negotiate an “IFA” every year. By law, the partners must reach consensus on the features of the agreement.

IFA Partner Agencies

Partners in the 2017-18 Infrastructure Funding Agreement include: AARP Foundation, ASCOG Senior Community Service Employment Program, Center for Employment Opportunities, Central Oklahoma Community Action Agency, Community Action Agency of Oklahoma City, Deep Fork Community Action Foundation, Francis Tuttle Technology Center, Guthrie Job Corps Center, It’s My Community Initiative, National Indian Council on Aging (NICOA), Norman Public Schools, Norman Housing Authority, OKC Community College, Oklahoma City Housing Authority, Oklahoma Department of Human Services, Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Services, Oklahoma Employment Security Commission, ORO Development Corporation, OSU-OKC, Rose State College, Shawnee Public Schools, and Talking Leaves Job Corps Center.

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