COWIB’s FitFirstJobs


When was the last time
you could give a double thumbs-up
when asked about your job?

Wouldn’t you like to feel that way
every day????

90% of the time when someone fails in a job,
it has nothing to do with WHAT they do or WHERE they worked…

and everything to do with WHO they are as a person and
how they fit in the new environment.

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  • What Direction is best to further your career?
  • Playing to your strengths boosts your performance and amplifies your success.

What do you get with FitFirstJobs?

  • Build a personal profile: Skills, Education, Work History
  • Complete the TalentSorter assessment
  • FREE access to personal reports and powerful career planning tools
  • Information about jobs in the greater Oklahoma City area that fit you
  • Direct application to jobs in COWIB’s FitFirstJobs Employer Database
  • Search and apply to other jobs in the community based on the best fit for you
  • Get highly individual, detailed information about your fit in literally hundreds of jobs, helping guide better decisions about training pursuits and job applications

COWIB’s FitFirstJobs is validated to ensure that there is no hidden bias on the basis of ethnicity, gender, age or disability and is provided as a service at no cost.

Download: COWIB FitFirstJobs Jobseeker Guide

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