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 Hiring the Wrong People?     Losing Your Best People?

Compromising Standards to Fill a Position?

Without a doubt the most statistically valid predictor of your business performance is the level of engagement of your employees. But “engagement” doesn’t just happen you have to start with employees who are “engageable” and the best way is to screen those candidates into your pipeline is on the basis of the Four Critical Aspects of Fit – fit with the Manager, the Job, the People around them all day, and the Company.

Central Oklahoma Workforce Investment Board (COWIB) now provides an Assessment and Applicant Tracking system that includes a validated assessment to measure these key components at no cost to COWIB’s partner employers.  The platform gives Employers direct access to a database of job seekers who are delivered to them pre-screened and, to some degree, pre-qualified. The system includes an applicant tracking system so the employer can accurately track the progress of each applicant who has applied for each open position.  No more “loss” or wasted candidates.

Employers can post a job, specify their selection criteria, search the database for people who meet those criteria, and even download an unlimited number of candidates – complete with their full background history and detailed information about their likely fit in your open positions.

An integral component of the platform is TalentSorter—the predictive analytics that have been built into the system. TalentSorter is a state-of-the-art psychometric assessment product that measures individuals’ preferences and behavioral traits across 25 dimensions that fall into four categories:

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These predictive ”human” analytics provide revolutionary insight and put powerful tools in the hands of you the Employer. When an Employer selects candidates from the database for consideration, they  appear in the Employer’s dashboard, complete with a variety of reports including; 1) a Summary Report , which provides an ‘at a glance’ view of the person’s likely fit in the job, 2)a Job Fit Report  which provides a detailed, trait-by-trait comparison of the individual in relation to your ideal candidate, and 3) an Interview Guide which will help the Employer prepare for the interview, and ensure they are asking exactly the right questions to each candidate.

Contact your Business Services Consultant on the COWIB Business Services Team at  to learn more about First Fit Jobs and to see if your Company qualifies for unlimited use of the platform. Learn how can benefit you today.

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