Policies & Procedures

Policy/ProcedureEffective DateStatus
COWIB Financial Policies and Procedure ManualOctober 2013Updated
By-LawsFebruary 2017Revised
Computer Usage Policy August 15, 2007New
Contract Dispute PolicyFebruary 16, 2004
Contract ReviewApril 20, 2005
COWIB Cost Allocation Plan2014Revised
DLW Eligibility Requirements - Part 1April 2013Revised
DLW Eligibility Requirements - Part 2April 2013Revised
DLW Eligibility Requirements - Part 3April 2013Revised
Definition of Self-Sufficiency
May 16, 2015Revised
Demand Occupations ListJuly 1, 2016Revised
Demand SkillsAugust 20, 2008Revised
Determination of Insufficient FundsNovember 2009Revised
Disaster Relief Employment PolicyFebruary 15, 2005New
Discrimination Complaint ProcedureJuly 2016Revised
Equal Opportunity PolicyAugust 2016Revised
Fiscal AgentApril 19, 2006New
Fiscal Agent Financial ReviewApril 19, 2006New
Grievance PolicyFebruary 2017Revised
Grievance ProcedureFebruary 2017New
Implementation Plan for American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of '09June 2009New
Incentive Payment Plan - 2015June 2015Revised
Individual Employment Plans and AssessmentDecember 21, 2005
Individual Training Account PolicyAugust 2016Revised
Local Policy on Demand OccupationsJune 15, 2006Revised
Meal Policy9-2010Revised
Monitoring PolicyMay 2010Revised
OJT PolicyOctober, 2014Revised
One-Stop Operator ContractOctober 1, 2006New
One-Stop Operational Procedures ManualOctober 2007New
Open Records PolicyJune 23, 2014Revised
Out of School Youth EligibilityAugust 2016New
Payroll ProceduresOctober 2008New
Personnel PolicyApril 2016Revised
Policy on In School Youth (ISY) EligibilityOctober 31, 2016New
Policy on Informed Consumer ChoiceOctober 31, 2016New
Policy on Invoice RequirementsSeptember 2006New
Policy on One-Stop ReferralsOctober 2006New
Policy on Sequencing of ServicesOctober 2008
Policy of Service IntegrationDecember 5 , 2012Revised
Policy on Transitional JobsOctober 31, 2016New
Priority GuidelinesNovember 2009Revised
Priorities for Adult EnrollmentAugust 2012Revised
Procurement and Contracting PolicyApril 2010Revised
Procedures for Delivery of Supportive Services for ADWOctober 16, 2009Corrected
Procedures for Delivery of Supportive Services for WIA YouthJune 2010Revised
Property Management PolicyDecember 21, 2005
Selective Service PolicyOctober 2012New
Sexual Harassment PolicyAugust 2006Revised
Standard Stipend Plan for YouthFebruary 2010Revised
Stipends & IncentivesMay 2014Revised
Stipend Payments and Incentives for YouthFebruary 2010Revised
Supportive Services Policy for Adult and Dislocated WorkersApril 19, 2006Revised
TAA PolicyDecember 2006New
Targeted Industry ClustersAugust 20, 2008Revised
Travel PolicyAugust 20, 2008Revised
Veterans Priority Policy2012Revised
Policy on Work Experience ActivitiesSeptember 2010Revised
Youth Assessment and ISSMay 2007Revised
Youth Work Readiness GainsJune 2009New
Youth Monitoring ProceduresNovember 2004Updated
Youth Policy and Procedures2008Updated
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