Mission & Committees

Our Mission

COWIB is a nonprofit organization incorporated under the laws of Oklahoma and recognized by the the Governor’s Council for Economic and Workforce Development, the State Workforce Investment Board, and the Governor as the proper body to carry out the purposes and functions of the Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act of 2014 (Public Law 113-128, July 22, 2014).

COWIB was established in compliance with the Workforce Investment Act of 1998 (Public Law 105-220, August 7, 1998 Enacted Workforce Development Legislation) to act as a full partner with local elected officials in setting policy and overseeing Workforce Investment Programs in the Workforce Investment Area.

Our Committees

Executive Committee

Make policy decisions necessary during the interim period between Board meetings. Any such decisions made shall be brought before the BOARD membership at its next meeting for ratification.

Finance Committee

Review program budgets and expenditures, review audit reports and financial aspects of program monitoring reports, making recommendations as needed.

Youth Council

A mandated component of the Workforce Investment Board. The Youth Council provides the framework for developing comprehensive and effective strategies that ensure youth acquire the education, skill, work experience and support they will need to reach their full potential and successfully transition to productive adulthood. The mandated partners represented bring together a diverse set of stakeholders and resources to accomplish this mission.

Business Connections

An alliance of private and public sector partners that recognize and have agreed that we must engage the business sector at a greater level, increase the focus on business services, and integrate those services with our specific organizational mission to advance the economic development of Central Oklahoma. The partnership is comprised of educational institutions, economic development entities and organizations that serve a diverse group of targeted populations. The major focus of the group is to share information and knowledge so that each alliance member can become a resource for the workforce system. By empowering our members, we believe they will be seen by employers as their first resource to contact for a workforce and/or economic development need.

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