Governance Documents

Below are the governing documents for the Central Oklahoma Workforce Investment Board, d.b.a. Central Oklahoma Workforce Innovation Board (COWIB):

Consortium Agreement

The Consortium Agreement is the agreement between the County Commissioners of the nine COWIB counties to establish a unified workforce development system in accordance with the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act of of 2014 (WIOA) and as designated by the Governor of Oklahoma. The Agreement establishes the Board of Chief Elected Officials (BCEO) which acts upon workforce development issues and receives funds under WIOA.

2016 COWIB Consortium Agreement w 2018 Changes

Governance Agreement

The Governance Agreement is the agreement between the BCEO and the Workforce Development Board (WDB) to create and govern COWIB.

WDB-BCEO Agreement 2017-02-23_signed


2018 COWIB By-Laws 2018-03-07 Revised

COWIB Current 4-Year Plan



Memoradums of Understanding (MOUs)

Agreements among COWIB and the Partners for the operation of the COWIB One-Stop delivery system:

Infrastructure Funding Agreement (IFA)

The Infrastructure Funding Agreement is negotiated annually by the partners in the American Job Center network in Central Oklahoma. It details how certain costs of the network are shared.

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