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October 3rd, 2017 | Posted in COWIB

2017 WOWDB RFP for Adult, DLW & Youth Services with Q&A and Forms

On September 19, 2017, the Western Oklahoma Workforce Development Board (WOWDB) published the Adult, Dislocated Workers (DLW) and Youth Services RFP. Select 2017_Adult-DLW Youth RFP to download the RFP.

The questions and answers are now available for all bidders below. We are also providing fillable forms in Adobe PDF format. If these forms are used the fonts in the forms will be accepted.

Q&A for the Adult, DLW & Youth Services RFP:
  1. Is performance data available for the last complete program year and the current program year?
    • Answer – No. Since WIOA passage, the only data we have is on measurable skill gains and not enough information to quantify results.
  2. How many Adult, Dislocated Workers, and Youth are currently enrolled?
    • Answer – As of 9-25-17 339 Adults, 27 Dislocated Workers and 28 Youth
  3. How many Adult, Dislocated Workers, and Youth participated in Work Experience, Classroom Training, and OJT between July 1, 2016 and June 30, 2017?
    • Answer – No OJT, Occupational Skills Training 119, Work Experience 32
  4. What is the anticipated number of carry-in customers?
    • Answer – See answer 2
  5. What was the average WE cost per youth?
    • Answer – $1,761.00
  6. Can you provide a staffing list per location?
    • Answer – 1 full time staff in Guymon/Hooker, Woodward, Ponca City, Altus and Stillwater, 2 full time in Enid, ½ in Clinton.
  7. Is there a separate business services unit outside of this solicitation through WOWDA?
    • Answer – No
  8. On page 17, OEDA will retain training funds for Adults and Dislocated Workers.  To clarify, should these anticipated costs NOT be included in our budget?
    • Answer – Do not include training dollars for AD/DLW in your budget.
  9. On page 18, the requirement is to meet 7 out of the 10 Adult/DW and Youth measures.  What is the most current contract year performance and goals for each of these measures?  Was this developed if as a result of the current measures not being met?
    • Answer – This is a newly designated Workforce Development Area. These performance indicators are for the newly combined area and they were not developed as a result of measures not being met.  The newly constituted board chose the measures ensure they are getting the services they believe will best help their participants.
  10. On page 37, D.2, it asks for a “Complete Projected Performance Form”. Where is that located in the RFP?
    • Answer – It is continued in the attachments on page 49
  11. To clarify, on page 48-“need separate budget for AD/DW and Youth”-1 for each funding stream, a total of 3 budgets, or can AD/DW be combined? AD/DLW budgets can be combined. However, if awarded the contract, a separated budget will be required.
    • Answer – A total of two budgets with AD/DLW combined and youth separate. A separate budget will not be required of the winning bidder(s), however because of the state reporting mandates each of the three funding streams expenditures will need to be separately reported.
  12. May we receive fillable forms/budget in a word or excel file?
    • Answer – All of the required forms have been replaced on the web site with fillable forms.  The fillable forms use a 10 point font and even though the rest of the RFP response requires a 12 point font, using the supplied forms is acceptable.
  13. What is the name of the customer database system currently in operation at the One-Stop?
    • Answer – OKJobMatch
  14. On page 16 Adult/DW and Youth funds are detailed.  What is the more specific allocation for the One-Stop?
    • Answer – It is anticipated to fund the One-Stop Operations up to $76,721.00
  15. Are the One-Stops certified, and when will that need to be completed for re)certification?
    • Answer – No. The Board was certified in August 2017 and the process for center certification has not been completed, but must be completed by December 31, 2017.
  16. How many OESC staff are in the region?  Where are they housed?
    • Answer – Altus 3, Clinton 2.5, Enid 4, Guymon 2.5, Ponca City 3, Stillwater 4, Woodward 3.
  17. Are there partner staff housed within any of the current workforce centers?  Which centers and which partners?
    • Answer – There are no other partners housed in any offices
  18. For staff, do you offer email accounts and MS office suites for each station?
    • Answer – Staff housed in the Oklahoma Works Centers receive and OESC email account.
  19. Is there an expectation that all centers are open 8-5 daily, or is there an opportunity to provide an alternative to this, so smaller centers can be open less hours or days?
    • Answer – The centers are open 8-5 daily, but the Board would be willing to consider any alternative that would prove to be a more efficient manner in serving customers across the 25 counties
  20. Is technology available for all staff and does the Board staff manage this aspect of the region?
    • Answer – Required technology is in every location.  Yes,  the Board manages this aspect of the region
  21. Can you please provide a total amount of estimated dollars remaining once the budget is reduced for Board staff and support, fiscal agent and One-Stop Operator?
    • Answer – Adults $224,106.00; Dislocated Worker $145,296.00; Youth $167,641.00
  22. Who is the fiscal agent for the region?
    • Answer – Oklahoma Economic Development Authority
  23. The period of performance will be November 1, 2017 through September 30, 2019. Any contracts entered into as a result of this RFP may be extended for two (2) additional one-year periods, if agreeable to both parties. This does not seem to coincide with the rest of the proposal dates for performance.  Also, page 18 requests a budget proposal for November 1, 2017 through September 30, 2018.  Could it be 2018 instead?
    • Answer – No the initial term of the contract runs through September 30, 2019 with the possibility of two single year option that could have the contract last until September 30, 2021 if both sides agree and performance is being met.  It should be noted that performance will be measured at June 30, of each year and if goals are not being met the Board may exercise its option and cancel the contract after giving proper notice.
  24. Performance Standards will be reviewed on a monthly basis.”  Is this talking about a for-profit entity as in paragraph three above or will the service provider provide a monthly report to the board.   Are monthly reimbursements dependent upon performance as mentioned?
    • Answer – The Board expect whatever entity becomes the sub-recipient as a result of this RFP process to report performance monthly.  Reimbursement invoices are not dependent upon performance, but invoices will not be processed for payment until the Board staff has received the monthly performance report.
  25. The contract will be solely for personnel, professional development, and training and supportive services funds for eligible clients.”  Is this referring to the youth contract when it says training and supportive service funds for eligible clients?  The adult and dislocated worker funds are typically kept by the fiscal office.
    • Answer – Yes it is correct in that only youth funds will be available for the sub-recipient to provide training, supportive services and work experience.  Adult/DLW funds for training and supportive services will be disbursed by the fiscal agent.
  26. Number of Clients receiving a skill development.  Is this skill development pertaining to a measurable skill gain?
    • Answer – No this is in reference to any skill development offered to a participant and that may include any service or activity that enhances their ability to secure employment.  This would include such thinks as career exploration, resume writing instruction, interviewing skills, etc.
  27. WOWDB provides data base resource that will be used as well for capturing program activity.  What is this other data base mentioned?
    • Answer – Currently OKJobMatch is the only data base used in the capture of data, however it will be necessary for the sub-recipient to work with the Board on reporting accurately the performance data required in the RFP.
  28. Proposers will need to include the cost associated with provision of direct client support to Youth participants in their proposal.  This amount is established by WOWDB and targeted amounts will be made available in the budget information. Should there be an amount somewhere else in the RFP to use for Youth budget purposes?
    • Answer –  The targeted amount for youth pass-through funds is $184,050.00
  29. Describe how you will interact with our pilot program focusing on a holistic approach to keeping foster youth engaged in secondary school and moving them to post-secondary training.  Was this something that the former Southwest area was engaged in?  If so, could contact information be provided to gain more details about the pilot program or could the name of the pilot program be shared?
    • Answer – There is no pilot program currently in place.  The Board would like to ensure the selected sub-recipient(s) understand that foster youth is a targeted group under WIOA and expects efforts to be made to engage that population in meaningful activities and services.
  30. Please provide universal customer numbers for each center.
    • Answer – Enid 568, Guymon 108, Ponca City 650, Stillwater 345, Woodward 279, Clinton 350, Altus 155.
  31. What are current salary ranges for Service Provider staff positions?
    • Answer- Current salary range is from $13.00 to $16.00 per hour.
  32. Please confirm the ending dates of the proposed contracts
    • Answer – The initial term is for 23 months, which is allowed under current procurement rules published by the state.  The Board agreed to have contract periods from October 1 through September to ensure that they would have budget figures in hand to properly negotiate with their sub-recipients.
  33. What time frames does the budget need to encompass?
    • Answer – Eleven (11) months
  34. Although the issue of the hiring of staff may require that we complete a background check, it would appear that given the short time frame any new staff being hired could not have a background check completed prior to the start of the contract.
    • Answer – Correct it has not been decided if a background check must be completed and the contract that results from these RFPs will have a stipulation as to when and if a background check must be completed.
  35. Are the requirements for self-monitoring already established?
    • Answer – No there are not established requirements for self-monitoring.  Each proposal must contain what is the suggested methodology and timing for self-monitoring.  The final result will be decided during negotiations and depending upon the agreed to method of self-monitoring with the selected sub-recipient(s)
  36. Are there any current sub-recipient staff serving as Center Managers?
    • Answer – No
  37. Guymon is not listed as an Oklahoma Works Center.  Should Guymon be considered when estimating staffing levels?
    • Answer – Guymon was left off inadvertently and yes they should be considered for estimating staffing.
Adobe Fillable Forms for Adult, DLW & Youth Services RFP:

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