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October 3rd, 2017 | Posted in COWIB

2017 WOWDB Publishes Q&A and Fillable Forms for One-Stop Operator RFP

On September 19, 2017, the Western Oklahoma Workforce Development Board (WOWDB) published the RFP for the One-Stop Operator.
Select 2017_OSO RFP to download the RFP.

The questions and answers are now available for all bidders below. We are also providing fillable forms in Adobe PDF format. If these forms are used the fonts in the forms will be accepted.

Questions & Answers for One-Stop Operator RFP:
  1. On page 32 under the instructions for completing the narrative to bid on the OSO, in parenthesis, it states there is a 20 page limit for both sections.  There is only one section titled One Stop Operator.  What is “both sections” referring to?
    • Answer – A mistake in the RFP.  There is only one section for the One-Stop Operator and the response is limited to 20 pages
  2. For One Stop Operator – can you provide the budget amount for One Stop operator? It appears to be missing.
    • Answer – As previously stated, the Board has set aside a budget of up to $76,721.00.
  3. What is the current One-Stop performance regarding the 8 performance measures?
    • Answer – As stated earlier this area and Board were recently certified by the state, therefore these are new measures as established by the newly appointed Board.
  4. What are the numeric goals for the One-Stop performance measures? For example, how many new partnerships must be developed?
    • Answer – There are no predetermined numeric goals for One-Stop performance.  These will be part of the negotiations between the Board and the successful bidder.
Adobe Fillable Forms for One-Stop Operator RFP:
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