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February 17th, 2017 | Posted in Community Happenings

Post-Secondary Education Attainment Study Released

The Post-Secondary Education Attainment Study, released today by the Oklahoma Office of Workforce Development, explores barriers to starting or continuing post-secondary education, and proposes statewide solutions to achieve degree and credential completion for all Oklahomans.

This study confirmed many national findings of barriers to degree completion, including: educational attainment correlates with income, whereas income increases as educational attainment increases, and lower educational attainment correlates with greater use of public assistance programs.

The study also revealed some unexpected findings crucial for all Oklahoma partners in business, government, education, and within the community to address. These issues include the lack of family and community expectations to attend, persist, and obtain a degree or credential from a post-secondary education institution, the prevalence of bullying as a factor in high school non-completion, and the low perception of the value of post-secondary education, among others.

Learn more about statewide solutions needed to achieve degree and credential completion for all Oklahomans by visiting:

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