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Tulsa Area Workforce Investment Board Accepting Applications for Executive Director

Executive Director – Tulsa Area Workforce Investment Board

Position Objectives

The Executive Director of the Tulsa Area Workforce Investment Board is the senior staff executive with responsibility for the overall management and administration of Board initiatives and activities. As such, s/he is accountable for the strategic implementation of WIB policies and directives, as well as for the day-to-day activities of the organization. The Executive Director reports to the Chairperson of the WIB and is evaluated by the WIB’s Executive Committee.

Essential Position Functions

• Providing Strategic Leadership
o Helps the Board establish a clear vision, mission, goals, action plans and measurements for assessing success;
o Drives the action plans so that targeted results are achieved in the most effective and efficient manner possible;
o Proposes and executes a communications plan that provides ongoing, timely information to the region’s stakeholders (e.g., local elected officials, economic developers, business leaders, strategic partners, media and more) about the WIB’s goals, plans and accomplishment vis-à-vis regional workforce development platforms and initiatives;
o Continually assesses the environment and proposes new or different strategies when appropriate;
o Participates in and influences regional workforce development planning and identifies potential initiatives for the Board;
o Participates in and influences regional and state policy development and identifies potential initiatives for the Board;
o Is innovative, challenges the status quo and brings diverse perspectives and approaches together, combining them in creative ways;
o Understands his/her leadership role and executes it effectively.

• Providing Board Support
o Ensures the Board gets the necessary information, education and logistical support to be effective;
o Ensures the Board is provided with clear, unbiased, comprehensive analysis of issues so that the Board and/or its committees can make effective and timely decisions;
o Ensures excellent communication and coordination among Board members and committees, and makes certain that all initiatives stay on track between meetings;
o Provides effective planning and administrative support to all WIB committees and councils so that their work is focused, efficient and results oriented.

• Develops the Board and its Members
o Helps the Board understand its strengths and weaknesses and identify opportunities for Board improvement such that its highest potential is achieved;
o Works effectively with the Board leadership and Chief Elected Officials to target and recruit excellent new Board members;
o Ensures that new members receive a thorough orientation soon after appointment;
o Ensures that Board members receive ongoing training and education so they can effectively perform their roles and duties;
o Encourages Board member participation and identifies assignments and activities that will help members fulfill their personal contribution objectives thus continually improving motivation and personal satisfaction.

• Builds Partnerships
o Encourages, solicits and stimulates strategic partnerships between the Board and other organizations;
o Works effectively in partnering with the local elected officials;
o Works effectively in partnering with local economic developers;
o Gains the confidence of and assists the Chief Local Elected Official;
o Ensures that there is timely and meaningful community input to the Board;
o Manages all of these relationships so as to gain synergies, optimize resources and achieve results, all the while enhancing the visibility and credibility of the WIB;
o Inspires trust by establishing open, candid and trusting relationships;
o Leverages networks so as to get things done.

• Strives to Optimize the Performance and Impact of Service Partners
o Ensures that the focus and priorities of the service providers are in sync with the mission, values, goals and actions plans of the Board;
o Effectively manages performance and quality improvement oversight of those receiving funds from the Board;
o Provides leadership in encouraging service providers to focus on excellence and continual improvement;
o Helps the Board make informed decisions about priorities for investment of funding for which the Board is responsible.

• Business Management
o Selects and cultivates qualified staff, models effective behavior and skills, and builds morale among staff, Board members and stakeholders;
o Ensures that the work required to support the Board’s initiatives is completed in a timely, effective and results oriented manner;
o Is knowledgeable of and demonstrates results in financial planning, budgeting and funds management, project management, research and analysis, contract negotiation and management, and all other activities that are associated with running the WIB as a business entity;
o Accurately interprets WIOA and other governing laws and regulations;
o Provides updates to the WIB Board members and CEOs on relevant legislative issues and opportunities;
o Ensures that the Board is in compliance with all applicable requirements of federal and state grants, laws and regulations;
o Continuously improves WIB processes by seeking input, conducting benchmarking reviews, identifying best practices and more.

• Resources Development
o Aggressively and thoughtfully engages partner organizations to increase funding opportunities that support the priority work of the Board;
o Collaborates effectively and successfully with others in obtaining funding for community projects that improves the economic condition of the Tulsa workforce area.

• Executive Director/Board Partnership
o Ensures that the Executive Director and the Board are clear about their roles, accountabilities and authorities;
o Does his/her part in ensuring that there is professionalism and respect between the Executive Director and Board members.
o Maintains a “finger on the pulse” of the Board and the implementation of the Board’s priorities, so that issues and/or obstacles impacting performance or morale are identified early on and then addressed and resolved with speed and effectiveness.

• External Liaison and Public Image
o Maintains a positive professional reputation in the region;
o Cultivates and maintains effective relationships with CEOs, public officials, economic developers, workforce development partners, community and business leaders;
o Is an articulate and knowledgeable spokesperson;
o Effectively utilizes Board members as regional spokespeople and workforce development ambassadors;
o Serves on other high impact committee or boards within the region as appropriate.

• Interpersonal Effectiveness
o Communicates effectively and with high impact verbally and in writing;
o Fosters open communications and encourages others to express their ideas and opinions;
o Listens to others and hears what they say;
o Is open, flexible, direct, honest, fair and possesses a high level of integrity;
o Displays organizational savvy by building give-and-take relationships, understanding the agendas and perspectives of others, and effectively balancing the WIB’s needs and priorities with those of other organizations and the broader community;
o Admits she/he is wrong and ‘mends fences’ when necessary;
o Ask the right questions, rather than have the right answers;
o Manages disagreements;
o Demonstrates an entrepreneurial aptitude;
o Has a positive, can do attitude;
o Seeks and acts upon developmental/performance enhancement input.

Education and Employment Experience

• Demonstrated leadership ability in addition to excellent managerial and administrative capabilities.
• Ability to achieve results and drive continual improvement so as to optimize organizational performance.
• Demonstrated ability to build relationships, solve problems, influence others and mediate differences.
• Track record of success in working with boards, councils, committees, and other public decision making bodies.
• Positive experience working with the community, public and non-profit organizations, at all levels of government.
• Applied experience in planning, as well as policy development and implementation.
• Experience working with corporate executives and success in being viewed as a peer and valued resource.
• Ability to ‘market’ the organization to the community and all its stakeholders so that it achieves the visibility and recognition required to be viewed as a key regional leader and resource in workforce development matters.
• Ability to relate effectively with people with a high level of integrity.
• Excellent oral and written communications skills.
• Strong analytical ability and technical competency.
• Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Public Administration, or a closely related field; Master’s degree preferred.
• Knowledge of federal and state workforce development programs and policy.
• Minimum of five (5) years’ experience in a senior management level position requiring project management, coordination of resources, public exposure, and both short and long term planning.

Candidates need to send a cover letter, resume, and completed COWIB application to Julie Sorrels at jsorrels@tulsaworkforce.com.

COWIB Announces the Launch of TyrOK

Monday, February 25, 2019

Oklahoma City, OK – Central Oklahoma Workforce Investment Board (COWIB) is excited to announce the launch of TyrOK, a partnership including industry groups and employers, high schools, and post-secondary institutions.  More work needs to be done to improve understanding and awareness of youth apprenticeships to develop opportunities in various industries in the communities we serve.  TyrOK will explore strategies, develop, and launch a youth apprenticeship model within the Central Oklahoma Workforce Area. COWIB is applying for the Partnership to Advance Youth Apprenticeship (PAYA) grant to assist with this project https://www.newamerica.org/education-policy/partnership-advance-youth-apprenticeship/.

TyrOK will be part of a national community of innovators working to expand participation in high-quality youth apprenticeships.  These apprenticeships will produce equitable access and outcomes for students, employers, and communities.   The official launch date for TyrOK is summer 2019. The work of TyrOK will culminate in the launch of a new, scalable, high-quality youth apprenticeship program by fall 2020 with a broader plan for multi-year expansion. 

If you understand the importance of developing a competent emergent workforce through apprenticeships and work based learning and are excited about collaborating on this project, please contact Yolanda Scott yolandascott@cowib.org for more information.

More information about TyrOK will be posted in the coming weeks.

The Central Oklahoma Workforce Innovation Board (COWIB) is the policy and guidance board for the Workforce Oklahoma system in Central Oklahoma. We are business leaders with a goal to establish a highly skilled, productive workforce in our 9-county area.

The Central Oklahoma Workforce Innovation Board (COWIB) complies with WIOA’s Equal Opportunity and Nondiscrimination provisions which prohibit discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy, childbirth, and related medical conditions, transgender status, and gender identity), national origin (including limited English proficiency), age, disability, political affiliation or belief, or, the basis of citizenship status or participation in a WIOA Title-1 financially assisted program or activity.

COWIB is an Equal Opportunity Employer/ Program. Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities. This was financed in whole or in part by fund from the US Dept. of Labor as administered by the Oklahoma Office of Workforce Development.

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